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We provide expert advice and know-how on corporate and personal security systems and installation

Design & Installation

Our experienced Engineers are the best at planning, designing and installing all security and access control systems and appliances

Remote Monitoring

We provide centralized monitoring for remote view and control from any part of the world with state of the art telemetry gadgets

Fleet Management

Monitor and track movement of your fleet across the world

Asset Tracking

Using the latest GPS technology we can monitor all assets all over the world

After Sales Support & Maintenance

We offer after sales support and maintenace with world class customer service from our team of Engineers/Technicians

What we do

Our Services

Security Design

Technical System Design. Planning, development and design of reliable, integrated and cost-effective security management and enterprise systems including command centers, video management, access control, intrusion, perimeter, barriers, camera systems and related intelligence and software. Information Protection. Analysis of an organization’s assets including intellectual property, personnel, information and communications for the purpose of developing protection strategies, policies and procedures commensurate with security risks and threats.

Security Planning

Threat Assessment and Security Audits. Comprehensive evaluations of existing security measures, systems and procedures to identify deficiencies and provide recommendations for limiting losses and minimizing continuity interruptions. Master Planning. Development of enterprise-wide security plans to address the requirements of a project to combine effective architectural-based security, operating procedures and security systems into an integrated plan; and to reduce capital operating and maintenance costs while meeting established security performance standards.

Management & Support

Bidding and Construction Management. Assistance with engineering drawings, tender preparation; on-site monitoring of the progress of the security systems installation; and performance of the final testing and acceptance of the completed systems to assure on-time and on-budget completion. Maintenance Management. Planning and implementation of security system testing and maintenance programs; including database development and audits and lifecycle planning. Support. Education, training, technology transfer, consulting and advisory services.