IP Cameras

Mobotix CamerasMobotix Hi Res Cameras are digital megapixel cameras, which record 12 times more details as 95% of existing surveillance systems. The high image resolution reduces the number of cameras needed and together with low power consumption via network cables  and the maintenance free system design the overall cost are minimized.


Axis CamerasAxis specializes in professional network video solutions for surveillance and remote monitoring. The range of products include network cameras, video servers, video decoders,video management software,etc.
Geovision CamerasGeovision has over 20 models of IP Cameras of different types and resolutions  from 1.30m to 10m . Some models  are built in with IR LED. Geovision supplies a free bundled 32 channel  full featured GV-NVR with its IP cameras and video servers.
ACTi CamerasACTi the technology leader in IP surveillance. ACTi has a wide range of quality and price competitive IP cameras, video encoder/decoders, NVRs and Video Management Systems