GENT – Detectors & Manual Call Points

Conventional Detectors
Detectors – 7800 series Conventional range
17840-01 Optical Smoke Detector
17850-01 Fixed Temperature Heat Detector
17860-01 Rate Of Rise Heat Detector
17870-01 High Temperature Detector
Bases – 7800 series Conventional range
17800-01 Base without diode for Surface cable
17800-02 Low profile Base without diode
17801-01 Base including diode for Surface cable
17801-02 Low profile Base including diode
Extension LED for 7800 series
17899-01 Extension LED
17899-44 Relay Module for Xenex/7800 detectors
Duct DetectoDuct Detectors
17815-01 Duct Detector c/w 17840 Optical Det;(Incl 0.6m Venturi Tube and mounting kit)
Beam Detector
07011-40 Optical Beam Reflective 50-100m
07011-41 Optical Beam (10mA) – Pair
S-QUAD Multi-Sensors
S-Quad Base and T-Breaker
34701 T Breaker Unit
S4-700 Base – Common for all S-Quad Sensors (with remote LED output)
Heat Sensor
S4-720 H – Heat Sensor
S4-720-ST-VO HStSp – Heat Sensor+Strobe+Voice or Sounder
S4-780 HS – Heat Sensor+Sounder
Optical Sensor
S4-715 S-Quad Optical Detector
Optical Heat Multisensor
S4-710 OH  – Optical Heat Multi Sensor
S4-770    OHS – Optical Heat Multisensor + Sounder
O2H Dual Angle Optical Heat Multisensor
S4-711 O2H – Dual Optical+Heat Multisensor
S4-711-ST O2HSt – Dual Optical+Heat Multisensor+Strobe
S4-711-ST-VO O2HStSp – Dual Optical+Heat Multisensor+Strobe+Speech or Sounder
S4-711-VO O2HSp – Dual Optical+Heat Multisensor+Speech or Sounder
S4-771 O2HS – Dual Optical+Heat Multisensor+Sounder
O2H Dual Angle Optical Heat and CO Multisensor
S4-911 O2HCO – Dual Optical+Heat+CO Multisensor
S4-911-ST-VO O2HCOStSp – Dual Optical+Heat+CO Multisensor+Strobe+Speech or Sounder
EP Heat Sensor
34729 Sensor Heat EP
S-Quad Remote LED
13449-01 Remote LED (for use with common base S4-700)
Programmable Base
S4-BASE-PROGRAM Programmer Base for S4 and S3 Voice Sounder Devices
S-Quad Accessories and Tools
S4-BASE-GASKET S-Quad Base Gasket for IP 43 (pack of 10)
S4-BASE-LABEL S-Quad Base Label Plate (pack of 50)
S4-COVER-DUST S-Quad Sensor Dust Cover (pack of 50)
S4-COVER-REMOVER S-Quad Dust Cover Remover (spare – remover tool c/w sucker)
S4-EXTRACTOR S-Quad Removal Tool Kit
S4-FLUSH S-Quad Semi-Flush Mounting Kit
S-Quad Duct Sensor
S4-34760 Duct Sensor Housing including base and .6m Venturi Tube
S4-34760-06 0.6m Venturi Tube
S4-34760-15 1.5m Venturi Tube
S4-34760-28    2.8m Venturi Tube
S4-34760-99 Mounting Bracket
S4 Beam Sensors
S4-34471-56 Beam Sensor Test Cards
S4-34740 Beam Sensor Pair (Transmitter and Receiver) excl bracket and Base
S4-34741 Beam Transmitter
S4-34741-01 Angle Bracket + Base
S4-34741-03 Parallel Bracket + Base
S4-34741-99 Light Shield for Beam Receiver
S4-34742 Beam Receiver
Beam Sensors
34741-02-N Beam Sensor Base
Aspirating Detection Solutions
VLC – 500RO Laser Compact Detector Relays only Version
VLC – 505VN Laser Compact Detector Vesda Net Version
VLC-50000-MRN Laser Compact Detector Vesda Relay option Maraine Version
VLC-50500-MRN Laser Compact Detector Vesda Net Maraine Version
VLF – 250 Laser Focus Detector
VLF – 500 Laser Focus Detector
VLP – 000 Laser Plus Detector
VLP – 002 Laser Plus Detector Plus Display
VLP – 400 Laser Plus Detector c/w FOK LED’s
VLP – 401 Laser Plus Detector c/w FOK and Programmer
VLP – 012 Laser Plus Detector Plus Programmer Plus Display
VLS – 200 Laser Scanner Detector 7 Relay
VLS – 204 Laser Scanner Detector Plus Display 7 relay
VLS – 214 Laser Scanner Detector Plus Programmer plus Display 7 Relay
VLS – 300 Laser Scanner Detector 12 Relay
VLS – 304 Laser Scanner Detector and Display 12 Relay
VLS – 314 Laser Scanner Detector and Programmer and Display 12 Relay
VLS – 600 Laser Scanner Detector c/w FOK LED 7 Relay
VLS – 601 Laser Scanner Detector c/w FOK and Programmer 7 Relay
VLS – 700 Laser Scanner Detector c/w FOK LED’s 12 Relay
VLS – 701 Laser Scanner Detector c/w FOK and Programmer 12 Relay
VLX – 100 Laser Compact Detector EXD
Manual Call Point Accessories and Spares
14111-99 MCP 1106(1102) Glass Pack
14112-09EN Spare Square Glasses Pack of 10 – New EN54 Pt11 Version
14112-10 Pack Of 10 Plastic Test Keys for 34800-EN and 14112-08 MCP
14112-19EN MCP Surface Weather Resistant Kit IP54 – EN54 Pt11 version
14112-20 1195 Semi Flush Spacer
14112-49EN Hinged Cover with drilled front moulding – EN54 pt11 version
14112-EN-KIT BS/EN Front Conversion Kit with Glass – New EN54 Pt11 Version
19289-01 MCP flush fixing plate
Vigilon Manual Call Points
Manual Call Points with Resettable Element
S4-34805 Vigilon Manual Call Point with Resettable Element
S4-34845 Vigilon Manual Call Point with Resettable Element and Protective Cover  (excludes back box)
Manual Call Points with Glass Element
S4-34800 Vigilon Manual Call Point with Glass Element IP 43  (excludes back box)
S4-34807 Vigilon Keyswitch MCP Complete with Back Box
S4-34842 Vigilon Manual Call Point with Glass Element and Protective Cover  (excludes back box)
MCP Ancilliaries
S4-34499 Set of Keys for Keyswitch Interface
S4-34890 Resettable Element for Vigilon MCP (sold in packs of 10) price per pack
S4-34891 Replacement Glass for S4-34800 (sold in pack of 10) price per pack
S4-34892 Protective Cover for S4-34800 and S4- 34805  (sold in pack of 5) price per pack
S4-34895 Surface Back Box for S4-34800 (Red) (Sold in packs of 10) price per pack
S4-34895 Test Key for S4-34800 range of MCP (sold in packs of 10) price per pack
Environmentally Protected Manual Call Point
S4-34896 MCP Weatherproof Enclosure for S4-34805 and S4-34800