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Samsung Products

Samsung has been dedicated to making a bettor world through diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscrapper and plant construction, petrochemicals, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels, and more. Our flagship company, Samsung Electronics, leads the global market in high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media.

Samsung’s professional displays are fully connected with VGA, DVI, CVBS, HDMI, BNC and component, so you’ll always be hooked up and ready to show off the 1080p resolution, high contrast ratio, networking capabilities and speedy response times. With a super-thin bezel and crystal-clear images, your message will come across loud and clear. Plus, it features a built-in PC so you don’t need a separate media player and cooler operating temperatures for 24 x 7 reliable performance.

46″ Samsung Ultra Thin Bezel LCD
46″ Samsung Ultra Thin Bezel LCD with Network Content Control
46″ Samsung Ultra Thin Bezel LCD with Network and Ultra Definition Display





NEC Products

NEC’s pre-configured solutions, featuring its high-performance large-screen LCD displays, deliver the most advanced technologies available. These all-in-one offerings provide solutions for digital signage and many other applications.

NEC’s complete 2×2 LCD TileMatrixTM Digital Video Wall Solution delivers an all-in-one, easy-to-configure and cost-effective solution that is ideal for dynamic digital signage, information display and command & control applications. Exclusive TileMatrix and TileCompTM technologies, combined with the thin bezel design of the NEC P461, provide for a near seamless video wall without the need for additional third-party equipment. The DVI daisy chain board is added to each display to allow the loop-through of a digital video signal, ensuring the best quality picture.

NEC’s Professional 40″ Thin Bezel LCD Display, 1080P, 6mm bezel
NEC’s Professional 46″ Thin Bezel LCD Display, 1080P, 6mm bezel
NEC’s Professional 52″ Thin Bezel LCD Display, 1080P, 6mm bezel




Salitek Products

ORION leads the industry in the design and development of commercial grade LCD monitors certified for use in demanding 24/7/365 operation. We specialize in designing, developing and manufacturing LCD commercial displays targeting a diverse range of market segments.

ORION monitors are not built like your traditional consumer monitors that are to be turned off every 8 – 10 hours and can only be warranted in residential applications. Orion monitors are built to run 24 / 7 / 365 continuously with FCC Class A commercial grade certification backed by a 2 year standard warranty.


Orion Video (Does not play in Google Chrome)




Christie has established a global reputation as the world’s single source manufacturer of a variety of display technologies and solutions for cinema, large audience environments, control rooms, business presentations, training facilities, 3D and virtual reality, simulation, education, media and government.

Christie’s broad range of technologies include DLP Cinema™ projectors, LCD and DLP™ projectors, networking solutions, 35mm film projectors, rear screen projection modules and DLP™ projection cubes, wall display controllers, and cutting edge projection technologies for 3D, virtual reality and simulation. Whatever the application, Christie’s visual solutions are purpose-built to meet unique projection requirements, and are backed by industry-leading service and support ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Christie Products