Audio/Video Intercom Security Systems, and Burglar Alarm & IDS

Audio/Video Intercom Security Systems




Burglar Alarm & IDS

GEN4 Accenta & Optima GEN4 panels
8EP396A-UK Optima Compact GEN4 with onboard keypad
8SP399A-UK Accenta Mini GEN4 with LCD Keypad
8SP400A-UK Accenta Mini GEN4 with LED Keypad
8SP401A-UK Large plastic-cased Accenta Gen4 with LED keypad
8SP411A-UK Large plastic-cased Accenta Gen4 with LCD keypad
8SP419A-UK Accenta Metal GEN4 with LCD Keypad
8SP420A-UK Accenta Metal GEN4 with LED Keypad
8EP416-EU LED Keypad
8EP417A-EU LCD Keypad
8EP276A-UK Informa Speech Dialler
ADE Kits Accenta Kits
SS/01 SS/F
Simple Set Reader / Keyfob
Shock Detectors
Seismic sensor for vaults, ATMs, safes & night deposit safes
SC105 Seismic sensor for mini-ATMs, vending and ticket machines
SC110 Mounting plate for SC100 & SC105
SC111 Movable mounting kit for SC100, SC105 & SC115
SC112 Keyhole protection kit for SC100 & SC105
SC113 Internal test transmitter for SC100 & SC105
SC114 1.80m armed cable kit (8 wires) for SC100, SC105 & SC115
SC115 External test transmitter
SC116 Mounting box to allow recess mounting of SC100 & SC115 in wall
SC117 Mounting box to allow recess installation of SC100 & SC115 in floor
SC118 4mm Spacer for SC112
VIPER-GLX ASIC controlled Shock Sensor
Glassbreak Detectors
Ceiling Mount Glassbreak Detector
FG8M Wireless Glassbreak Detector
FG1608T FlexGuard® Glassbreak Detector and Magnetic Contact
FG1625TAS FlexGuard® Glassbreak Detector
FG1615T FlexGuard® Glassbreak Detector
FG701 Glassbreak Simulator / Tester
Smoke Detectors
Combination Optical / Thermal Smoke Detector (58 °C)
ECO1003-A Optical Smoke Detectorr
ECO1005-A Combination Rate-of-Rise / Thermal (58 °C) Smoke Detector
ECO1000BREL12L Detector base with latching relay output (12 VDC)
ECO1000BREL12NL Detector base with nonlatching relay output (12 VDC)
Motion Sensors & Photobeams
Wireless DUAL TEC® motion sensor with optional pet tolerance
DT7360UK Ceiling mount DUAL TEC® motion sensor
DT7435UK2 Dual Technology Detector with Pet Immunity to 45kg
DT7550UK2 Dual Technology Detector with Maskalert™
DT900AM-UK Dual Technology Detector
DT906AM-UK Dual Technology Detector
DT7450UK2 Dual Tec® Motion Sensor with K-Band Technology
SMB Accessories SMB10/SMB10C & SMB10T brackets
IS216T-CUR Curtain PIR motion sensor
IS25100TC Microcontroller Based PIR long range sensor
IS2535T Microcontroller Based PIR sensor
IS2560T Microcontroller Based PIR Sensor
IS215T Passive Infra Red Motion Sensor
IS215TCE Passive Infra Red Motion Sensor
IS215TQ Passive Infra Red Quad Element Motion Sensor
SMB Accessories SMB10/SMB10C & SMB10T brackets
Sounder/Strobe & Sirens
Internal Extension Speaker
RESON8 SAB External Sounder With Strobe Flash
AG6 / WB ActiveGuard External Siren
AG8 / WB ActiveGuard External Siren
AG3 / WB ActiveGuard External Siren
MS=N Internal Multi-siren (No Logo)
EMPS85 / W – 4
Wire magnetic contact including tamper loop
EMPS50 – 4 Wire magnetic contact including tamper loop
EMPS75 / W Recessed magnetic contact including tamper loop